2021 Kia Carnival Modified By DC2 | Kia Carnival Luxury Limo Four Seater Modified | Custom Carnival

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DC2’s interior package is quite exorbitantly priced, and can add up to Rs 20 lakh to the price of the already expensive Kia Carnival. You can read more about the options that DC2 offers in our story here. Given that the MPV can cost as much as Rs 40 lakh on-road, the DC2 Carnival’s prices are nearly in Mercedes-Benz territory. Let us know in the comments how you like this road-going luxury liner. this Kia Carnival has four electronically operated sleeperette recliners complete with integrated footrest extenders. Thick beige plastic and glossy wood trim lines the sides of the Carnival below the C- and D-pillars, to create a tunnel for the sliding reclining seats. They slide along channels within a gloss black glass-like floor (featuring LED lighting) that makes this Kia MPV seem like an upscale office. A browse through DC2’s Instagram page tells us that they can even equip the Carnival with a wooden floor. Also, console-mounted buttons are the coolest, aren’t they? Behind each of the front seats is an infotainment display that rises electronically to meet the gaze of the rear seat passengers. All four seats in the car are ventilated, heated, and equipped with a massaging function! The roof has an inconceivably wide panel housing air vents, reading lights, buttons and bright ‘sky glow’ lamps. Ambient light strips on the door pillars and roof light up in a warm, low in ‘Night Mode.’ DC2 custom builds these cars, and it seems like the owner of this Kia Carnival didn’t want to miss out on the luxury on the chauffeur’s day off. That’s likely the reason why the driver’s seat is identical to the other reclining seats in the MPV.

Full Detail Video Link : https://youtu.be/XXMcmiJWyjA
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