land cruiser 300, (toyota land cruiser 300 vs nissan patrol) land cruiser 2022, lc300, (review)

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land cruiser 300, (toyota land cruiser 300 vs nissan patrol) land cruiser 2022, lc300, (review)

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After 14 years of the 200 Series, Toyota debuted the Land Cruiser 300, which happens to be the iconic SUV’s 13th generation. The automaker will most likely not bring it to the U.S. Instead we might get the LX instead, the Lexus equivalent of this model. The 13th generation Land Cruiser 300 Series rides on a new platform and comes with two V-6 engine options. It looks different on the inside and outside, too. Should Toyota have tried this new-gen Land Cruiser in the U.S. for a year before pulling out?

The new Land Cruiser looks quite different from the model it replaces, but you can’t confuse it for anything but a Land Cruiser. The grille is a lot more prominent and boxier. The bumper and lights are positioned in a way they don’t get damaged while off-roading. The side profile is pretty much the same, which more or less is the case with body-on-frame builds. The tailgate loses the chrome bar for good and also features a redesigned bumper.

On the inside, things are quite different. A landscape-oriented touchscreen system graces the center console. Fortunately, Toyota hasn’t gone all ‘touch’ here as the waterfall layout features a lot of buttons, knobs, and switches. Makes sense to keep an off-roader a little old-school instead of going all Tesla on it. The chunky steering wheel and the short-and-stout gear shifter look swell and will be a delight to use.

You no more have to flip the third-row seats towards the windows for more cargo space. The 2022 Land Cruiser’s last row can be flipped down flat down and will be much easier to deploy. Toyota is yet to give out the dimensions, so we’re still not sure if it’s any more spacious than it already is.

This new body of frame structure witnesses a weight reduction of around 440 pounds when compared to the previous model. The automaker has upped its off-roading capabilities by improving the basic suspension setup and adopting an electronic kinetic dynamic suspension system.

The 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser also comes with a Multi-terrain monitor, which displays obstacles as viewed from the driver’s viewpoint, and a multi-terrain select function that automatically judges the road surface and selects the driving mode.

It comes with two new engine options – one diesel and one gas. Both V-6 engines displace at 3.5 liters and feature twin-turbos. The gasoline option churns out 409 horses and 479 pound-feet of torque, whereas the oil-burning mill cranks 304 ponies and 516 pound-feet of twist.

Toyota hasn’t revealed the pricing or arrival date yet, but we are pretty sure it won’t be coming Stateside. Hypothetically speaking, if it would, we’d expect a starting price of around $90,000. The 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser starts at $85,565 here.

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